We live in a globalized world, and consequently, many of our clients have professional connections with other countries. With respect to these connections it may be essential to have advice and support of a professional from other country. For this advice and support we can rely on ANTEA.

ANTEA is an international alliance of independent firms oriented to offer services in international needs in the best possible way by a wide association of firms cooperating. Qualification and experience of the members are the key of success. ANTEA has strong professional requirements and peer review systems for membership to ensure a high level of quality in the group. A further essential part of the strategy of ANTEA is sharing know-how by conferences and training sessions.

ANTEA Alliance of Independent Firms is present in more than 200 cities around the world with a special coverage in Latin America and Europe, and a very strong representation in other relevant markets. We can rely on the competences of ANTEA’s members in a variety of integrated services both in traditional services and innovative ones. The variety of services ranges, for example, from Audit, Tax and Legal Service and Business Consulting to Businesses Valuations, IT Consulting and Due Diligence.