Wage Tax / Social Insurance/ Wage Costs Management

Today, employers are confronted with a number of questions: They are legally obligated to withhold wage tax correctly - and are liable for any errors or omissions occurred. This is further complicating dealing with legal issues with the increasing complexity of legislation introduced over the past decades. Clients need to meet increasing documenting requirements demanded by respectable financial authorities – without disproportionately increasing a company’s administrative efforts and expenditures due to paperwork. Clients want to attract employees by offering fair wages and salaries – but, at the same time, keep the financial burden low.

Our expert team has been specializing to all kinds of wage tax issues, and is happy to support you with all employment questions in your company.

In cooperation with our clients, we find solutions that are both practicable and legally compliant. We are happy to assume the payroll accounting, providing support for wage tax and social insurance audits and representing you before tax authorities. Together with our clients, we develop individual compensation models that provide leeway to use legal tax-privileged benefits. Our partner, Lohnkostenmanagement GmbH, can also provide specialized consulting on all issues relating to wage optimization and ancillary wage costs in conjunction with us. In regards to labor and social security law related to wage tax issues, we work together with Vierhaus Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft. These partnerships allow us to provide a holistic consulting approach on all wage-related issues, offering individual solutions tailored to the specific needs of your company. All selected measures will be legally binding secured in coordination with the responsible tax authorities.

Use our expertise in (wage) tax law as well as the expertise of our partner Vierhaus Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH in labor and social insurance law for your business success.

Areas of Specialization

  • Clarifying all wage tax law related issues from one single source (whether “classical” or special wage tax law issues)
  • Handling the monthly payroll accounting including the reporting system and processing of payments  
  • Preparing claims for traveling expenses
  • Managing personnel files
  • Support for wage tax and external audits and social insurance audits
  • Securing legally binding of the selected compensation models in coordination with the responsible tax authorities (by recovering invocation information on questions related to payroll taxes (Lohnsteuerliche Anrufungsauskunft)
  • Support for collective bargaining on all compensation related issues
  • Determining the potential savings in the area of wage and non-wage costs and providing coaching in the framework implementation for your company (through Vierhaus Lohnkostenmanagement GmbH)
  • Clarifying all labor law related issues by our partner Vierhaus Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft