Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations and foundations with tax privilege status are confronted with a number of tax and legal questions in Germany. Various conditions have to be met to maintain the tax-privileged status of an organization or a foundation. The safe and legally compliant handling of the extensive tax requirements is necessary in order to protect a company’s general directors or managers.

We support you with a team that has a proven track record in the field of consultancy for nonprofits, irrespective of their legal forms, i. e. registered associations, gGmbHs, foundations. We are your competent partner for organizations focused on Charity, Children and Youth services, Research and Developing, Health and Care, Environment, Animals, and Arts and Culture.

Special expertise:

  • Counseling for questions with regard of choice of legal forms, restructurings or hive-downs
  • Performance of financial accounting / preparation and disclosure of annual reports
  • Supporting strategic planning (i.e. with respect of cost and activity accounting)
  • Preparing all tax returns / realizing all potential deductions of VAT / supporting tax audits
  • Ongoing tax consulting including delineation and organization of asset management measures of special purpose enterprises and commercial businesses
  • Counseling for all questions related to tax treatment / realization of potential tax benefits granted to honorary activities, e.g. the Übungsleiterpauschale (a tax-privileged trainers' compensation)
  • Tax consultancy in collaboration and sponsoring / commitment on transparency (i. e. transparency reports)
  • Calculation of the appropriation of funds / consulting for fiscal-optimized creation of reserves / monitoring of reports on expenditure of funds

Further focus of Activities:

  • Setting up and support service for incorporate foundations within civil law
  • Concept for family financial provisions in donation planning/family donations
  • Integration of incorporate foundations into company structures
  • Dealing with Management issues for companies affiliated with incorporate foundations
  • Consulting on the use of funds, wealth preservation and accounting of foundations