International Tax Law

Tax consulting in today’s globalized world cannot be limited solely to German tax law. In transnational corporate activities, corporate and headquarter relocations or restructuring, issues regularly come up in which a great number of German and international tax laws must be analysed.

Vierhaus not only wants to protect you from additional high tax burdens of German and/or foreign tax authorities, but also to mutually develop economically practical solutions that also result in a reduction of the overall tax burden.

Our advising services for international tax issues are offered and performed mainly by professionals who have long-standing experiences for advice on transnational tax issues acquired during their professional careers at a number of important consulting companies. Among them, there also is a tax advisor with the title of "Certified Advisor for International Tax Law" (a qualification that requires regular advancement training). Besides tax expertise, Vierhaus considers language skills as essential; and thus offers tax advice in English, French, Polish, and Turkish language.

Focus of Activities

  • Providing opinions for questions regarding tax law (especially value added tax law, foreign tax relations act, double taxation convention, transfer of functions directive)
  • Advisory services for structuring German investments abroad and foreign investments in Germany
  • Advisory services for restructuring of international groups
  • Support for international mergers and acquisitions
  • Consulting services for transfer pricing, license and cost sharing agreements between affiliated companies
  • Consulting services for international employee assignments
  • Preparation of transfer price documentation
  • Preparation of international tax burden comparisons
  • Tax planning and structuring for international successions/ inheritances

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